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Symbol Description
* Multiplication
+ Addition
/ Division
- Subtraction
^ Power


(x + y)^2 / (x - 5) * y

Usage Function Description
cos(x) cos Cosine function
sin(x) sin Sine function
tan(x) tan Tangent function
cot(x) cot Cotangent function
atan(x) atan Arctangent function
asin(x) asin Arcsine function
acos(x) acos Arccosine function
sqrt(x) sqrt Square root function
log(x) log Natural Logarithm function
exp(x) exp Exponential function
abs(x) abs Absolute value function
ceil(x) ceil Ceiling value function
floor(x) floor Floor value function
round(x) round Round value function
min(x) min Minimum value function
max(x) max Maximum value function
atan2(x,y) atan2 Arctangent function with two parameters as y/x
random() random Generates random number between 0 and 1 (never equal to 1)
sign(x) sign If x <= 0 gives -1, or gives 1 if x > 0


Constant Description
PI Pi number
E Euler number